Friday, March 17th, 2017

Happy Happy Happy

Hope you're having a happy day.  If not a happy one, then a healthy one, if not healthy, then peaceful...  OK, Ok, how about having a TODAY day.  Pressing into the LORD of the Day, filling up His Kingdom grace, (Righteousness, Peace & Joy) and walking out the day without measuring the amount of personal pleasure achieved.  Just walking in Him and His Joy.  
   Like I said, hope you're having a happy (in JESUS) day.  
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Friday, March 17th, 2017


Wow... how does time slip past so quickly when sometimes it seems to drag out so long?  Hah... time is a slippery quantity.  It is the absolute same each day yet each day is completely different.  
Forget about how it seems and begin to walk in the Spirit more intentionally.  The Spirit is aware of time but is not troubled or impressed by it as a measure.  In the natural, time is short, but is that where you desire to rule, in the natural alone?  How about learning to rule in the Spirit within the natural... overcoming in one and prepared for the other... 
Have a great, WHOLE day in Christ Jesus!  
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