Sunday, June 2nd, 2013


June 02, 2013

"Understand this, my beloved brethren.  Let every man be quick to hear [a ready listener] slow to speak, slow to take offense and to get angry.  For man's anger does not promote the righteousness God wishes and desires." (James 1:19,20 AMP)
     The adversarial nature over our fallen planet is so organic that the ancient normal continues to be, "kill your brother!"  Right from the git-go religious competition inspired Cain to crack his brother's skull.  Parents have always instructed the elder children to watch out for their younger siblings, yet first born Cain denied his post saying, "am I my brother's keeper?"  When God asked after Abel's whereabouts Cain deepened his descent into darkness by lying to the Living God.  His abdication opened the flood gates of self-preservation at any price. 
     Today survival of the fittest reigns as a most honorable trait and looked upon with admiration.  Even 'believers' forget that this trait of our old nature is the highest evidence of our lowest self and the reason why the gospel of Jesus Christ is so ridiculous to the masses.  Many believers even use the 'Kingdom violence' verse in Matt.11:12 to justify their anger and rude behavior.  Rarely do we consider the inexorable invasion of God's *Righteous, Peace and Joy as violent to our base and natural reasoning. 
     Take a moment to recall the last time you had to humble your own heart completely or a time you stood alone in vulnerable faith and you will rejuvenate the healing violence of Abba's unfailing love.  R.P.J. Up!  (*R.P.J. = Righteous, Peace & Joy; Matt. 6:33; Rom. 14:17)
PRAYER:  Father, forgive us when we readily conform to the adversarial nature of this present darkness and confess our compromise with the excuse that everyone does it.  Thank You that Jesus never gave Himself to the spirit of our fallen age.  Thank You for His ever increasing Kingdom of Peace and Righteousness.  Thank You that the reality of YOU is found only in Your gracious Spirit and thank You for granting us access into Your Spirit through Jesus' life of love.  In His Holy Name, amen.
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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

May Summer 2011 be blessed with God's goodness.

SUMMER 2011 is knocking at the door.  It has been a violent Spring, that is for sure.  We pray that you and yours have been spared from the fire and the floods, tornadoes and tsunamis. Global media reports stretch all our prayers and hearts in diverse directions. 
May our LORD direct all the hearts of His children into the issues of His unfailing love.  May your Summer be blessed with an overflow of the fresh living water of God's Spirit.  May His word be opened like a banquet in honor of the King of Kings.  May your whole spirit, soul and physical being be blessed with God's goodness and timely blessings. 
  I hope to see you UP the road a piece. 
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